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The wide variety of Ohio Weld Fasteners are helping metal working companies turn out components with predictable strength, durability and performance. There are three groups of time in resistance welding and they are all important.

The three basic requirements for producing a good resistance weld involve Heat, Time and Pressure. Squeeze Time The time from the application of the electrode until the application of the welding current.

Spot weld fasteners can be welded with the same electrodes, weld settings and equipment used in normal production of components and assemblies. Repeated hits add nothing to the strength or appearance of the weld and may damage the work.

OHIO Weld Fasteners produce primary fastener foundations faster and more efficiently for less in-place cost than many other fastening methods. An average weld takes from three to fifteen cycles.

OHIO Weld Fasteners will not work loose under shock, torque, or vibration. This is an accurate method for determining correct current settings.

OHIO Weld Fasteners are available in two types; spot weld and projection weld fasteners. Time Time, expressed in cycles, is the second most important factor enabling a good weld. The weld time should be as short as possible and the weld should occur in one hit.

When welding OHIO Spot weld Fasteners, manufacturing can use the same equipment, electrodes, and settings used in regular production welding.

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We affirm that to the best of our knowledge, any product purchased from these suppliers is said to be Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict free.

For your convenience links to our Conflict Mineral Statement and a completed EICCGe SIDD statement are provided below.

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2105 South Euclid Avenue Bay City, MI 48706-3409 USA Phone: (515) 684-4030 Web Site: Matuschek Resistance Welding 42378 Yearego Sterling Heights, MI 48314 USA Phone: (586) 991-2434 Fax: (586) 991-2438 Web Site: Spotco 125 8th Avenue S. New Brighton, MN 55112 USA Phone: (651) 638-9711 Fax: (651) 638-0713 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Weld Inc. Paul, MN 55114 USA Phone: (651) 646-1393 Fax: (651) 646-3616 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Weld G. Schimdt 11236 Willams Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 USA Phone: (513) 489-5130 Fax: (513) 489-5132 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Inc. Weld Systems Intergrators 4943 Driscoll Road Warrensville, OH 44146 USA Phone: (216) 475-5629 Fax: (216) 475-5679 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Line Limited P. Box 7068 Windsor, ON N9C 3Y6 Canada Phone: (519) 734-0034 Fax: (519) 734-1838 Web Site: Email: [email protected] Welding Products LTD 9270 Middle Line ( Marlborough Street ) P. Box 670 Bienhelm, ON N0P 1 A0 Canada Phone: (519) 676-8173 Fax: (519) 676-3329 Toll Free Phone: (800) 265-5262 B. Charles Road Carol Stream, IL 60188-2083 USA Phone: (630) 462-8250 Fax: (630) 462-8259 Toll Free Phone: 800-323-2903 Web Site: Clyde Corp.

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