Cambridge is top university for sugar daddy dating

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Hundreds of students in the UK have signed up to a "Sugar Daddy" dating website within the past year in order to foot the cost of rising tuition fees, it has been revealed. Swansea University - 49 In a previous interview with GQ, Wade defended his site saying: "Calling women 'prostitutes' who want something more out of a relationship than just this abstract notion of love is a comment and a stigma that is born from pure jealousy.

The site, which boasts one million students worldwide on its register, matches wealthy individuals with impoverished "sugar babies" who are desperate to make ends meet at university. "The truth is, in my opinion, love is a concept that's been invented by poor people.

Sugar Daddies provide real solutions to the problem of student debts," he said.

Wade claims that his company not only benefits students and sugar daddies alike, but also helps the government, saying: “We are not only helping students achieve financial freedom, but also indirectly relieving the government from the burden of unpaid loans...

It was both of our first times, and he spent the majority of the meal shaking and stammering with discomfort.

What brought me to this site, one of the most notorious meeting places for wannabe sugar babies and parents seeking a “mutually beneficial relationship,” was more of a curiosity than a serious financial need.

Almost a year later I have a sugar daddy and have met so many great men.

"Opportunities which I had never imagined had arisen.

One young woman posted her experiences on the site, saying: "I started on this site a few months ago, not knowing what I was doing.

A few friends had referred me to this particular site so I tried it out.

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