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Gordon Walters is a master of modernist abstraction.In early works, Walters’ created configurations in which often curvilinear forms seem to jostle against each other.I may simply feel more with certain colours, remembering a moment or connecting to other unknown time.”Oh has played with the disorientation of space before.Early works teased the relationship between art work and space through scale: giant inflatables bulging promiscuously around corners and pillars, or protruding forms that demanded audiences negotiate space.Recent exhibitions include: SOOM: Site II, Fauhaus Lifestyle Space, Xinchang, Shanghai, curated by Zhang Ting and Hutch Wilco (2018); , ONE AND J.Gallery, Seoul (2015); RENAISSANCE’ lille3000, Lille, FR (2015); SOOM, Edmiston North Sculpture Terrace at the Auckland Art Gallery (2014); MOAMOA, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and City Gallery Wellington, curated by Aaron Kreisler and Aaron Lister (2013/ 2014); , commissioned by New Market Sculpture Trust, Auckland, NZ (2012), Oh was the recipient of the SEMA Nanji Residency, Seoul Korea (2013); the 2011 Harriet Friedlander New York Residency Award administered by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand; and the ggool Residency Seoul, KR (2010).Tom O'Connor wrote the script, with Film Nation producing.

He now divides his time between Auckland and Seoul.However the later paintings offer a strict geometry and shapes that butt up against each other, powerfully claiming their place on the canvas, yet with a delicacy of vision achieved through careful chromatic and structural shifts.In the 1970s and 80s Walters intensified the process by which his sources were rendered down into elemental forms.In partnership with the Walters Estate, Starkwhite will present pioneer abstract artist Gordon Walters at the Auckland Art Fair from 23 – and at the gallery from 29 May to 16 June.Gordon Walters (1919-1995) is best known for his paintings employing the koru, the curving bulb form from Maori moko and kowhaiwhai rafter patterns.

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