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With expansive Jupiter in your intimate eighth house, you’ve got the urge to merge.

Coupled Aries could join their lives in more permanent ways: moving in together, getting engaged, a pregnancy. Two eclipses in Leo set your lusty fifth house ablaze and bring unexpected chemistry—and possible drama.

Battle scars and hard-won lessons have left you wiser, and you can apply this self-knowledge to happy, healthy partnerships in 2018—at last!

One thing’s for certain: Love will be anything business as usual in 2018! Dating: Make room in that Lion’s den for your love to leave a few things at your place. Your love life won’t be the main event this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!Longtime couples could be tested, possibly by an outside attraction or a need to prioritize romance again. If you don’t feel confident, fake it ’til you make it—and don’t be surprised if you start racking up admirers wherever you go. Dating: Keep the fun and passion burning instead of trying to “play house” or put on the cozy yoga pants too soon.Aim for “50 first dates” before anyone leaves a toothbrush at the other person’s house, okay? Strengthen your bond with novel adventures and exciting new activities to try together. Your relationships are shifting, along with your priorities, as we enter the second year of a seismic series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius.In a relationship: Develop new skills around intimacy and balancing power dynamics.Ask not what your partner can do for you, but what you can do for them! Get ready for a major year of growth in the game of love.

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