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Police in the Saudi capital Riyadh arrested “Abu Sin” on Sunday while he was driving with two friends.

Appropriately enough, the scene of his arrest was broadcast live on You Now, where the young man was chatting with a Kuwaiti user.

Alice White plays a rich and shallow playgirl who is constantly getting in trouble because she's bored and hangs around with equally shallow friends.

This did not, however, amuse Saudi authorities, who arrested the 19-year-old on Sunday. Abu Sin – a nickname that translates to “toothless” – rose to online fame for videos in which he chats with video blogger Christina Crockett.

His father is none too pleased but Willie smooth-talks him into letting him stay. See full summary » After accidentally killing the man who raped her and forced her into prostitution, a New Orleans woman flees to a Caribbean island.

While she awaits her fiancé, the vicious local police chief sets his sights on her.

Although you'd think she'd hate Page for doing this, in the tradition of "Taming of the Shrew" she is smitten.

The problem is that he isn't exactly excited by the idea of marrying this pretty and rich lady because she is such a ditsy mess.

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