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For example, but not limited to: Parcel maintenance (Assessor’s Office)Bridge inventory, county roads and their conditions, county addressing, sign inventory and management, culvert inventory data, road mileage (Public Works)Weed identification, location and services (Weeds)Zoning and land use (Building and Zoning)Precincts and other districts (Elections); etc.Question: Can I purchase County data in a shapefile format?Incorporated cities in Bonneville County include Ammon, Idaho Falls, Iona, Irwin, Swan Valley, and Ucon.Bonneville is the fourth largest county in the state with a population of more than 104,000.Answer: There are many areas within the county that were mapped with less accurate methods compared to the areas that were mapped with modern surveying equipment.Bonneville County has previously used different coordinate systems throughout the county which also causes issues with the displays of information.

The County is not responsible for any inaccuracies with the data that is displayed or distributed.

GIS for Bonneville County began in the mid 1980's, with creating the road network layer for emergency services, using Intergraph and Bentley products.

Since then, Esri and other GIS technologies have become an integral part of many Bonneville County’s governmental functions including, but not limited to: A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software and data to capture, store, manipulate, manage, analyze, report and display all forms of geographically referenced information.

A Drop Box link will be sent to download the information or an ftp site is needed to upload the information.

If you are interested in purchasing less than all of the county in digital format, there are other fee structures based upon the amount of parcels you are requesting.

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