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Ryan asked Yetman a series of questions about his uniform and his service that any Soldier should have been able to answer.He then called out Yetman on his three CIB’s, Yetman claimed he got all of them for Iraq and Afghanistan, which is impossible.Yetman, knowing he was busted, then began to pretend to talk to someone on the phone.

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Berk responded “You shop with your SGM on Black Friday? We will keep you updated as to if any charges are filed against Yetman.

” Below is the video we posted to our You Tube account several days ago, it went viral, gaining more than two million views in two days and grabbing the attention of the nation.

Includes the different types of visa, finding a job, pre-school for children, further adult education, the communication network and more Online learning experience that provides comprehensive, curriculum-based maths and English for children in reception and up to year 13.

Parents and guardians will need to sign up at your local Westminster library and provide passwords and usernames in order to be able access the site.

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