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Special Olympics New York has about 70 Unified Sports programs and events, but this particular basketball program is the only one conducted in conjunction with the state’s athletic association.

“Ours is a Unified Sports program but teams will follow interscholastic rules and regulations the same as our regular high school sports.

“Both the RIIL and Special Olympics embraced this program wholeheartedly,” said Assistant Executive Director Michael Lunney. There is a Unified Sports Track and Field league which has operated in Massachusetts for the past couple of years, and the MIAA seeks to use that as a model for other programs that could be instituted state-wide.

So the Association developed a skills competition (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.), for such students.

They will then compete at half time of the basketball games.

The Unified Sports teams were from the same schools as the varsity teams playing in those championship games.

All season long, the officials donated their time and services at all Unified Sports events.

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